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AFTI WatchDog Adds Timer Well Optimization Feature

WatchDog Debuts Timer Well Optimization, a New Minute-by-Minute Data Feature.

AFTI WatchDog, Canada’s leading solution for the Virtual Well Site Visit, has introduced a new feature which delivers the capability to optimize timer well settings by providing minute-by-minute data.

As a result, producers can optimize both timer intervals and alert thresholds on their wells to maximize production and extend equipment life by avoiding pumping dry.

Oil and gas producers have long understood that timer-controlled beam pumps reduce operating expenses such as electricity costs. Either a percentage timer or interval timer can be used to improve overall beam-pump efficiency for a well with a pump capacity greater than its production capacity. It is estimated that 500,000 wells in North America operate with beam-pump artificial lift. Most of these wells pump continuously and have a pump capacity that exceeds the well’s production capacity and using costly extra electricity.

Minute-by-minute data analysis ensures that producers set optimal pump cycle times.

Interested parties can contact to get minute by minute data activated on their units.
Contact for a demonstration on timer well optimization.

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