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Three questions your well production monitoring system must answer

We’ve worked with thousands of operators over the last decade. And we know that on any given day, they need to know three key things about their wells – are they pumping, are they producing, and is there a leak? Our Production Well & Pipeline Monitoring solution answers those questions for Operations Engineers whether they’re in the field, the office, or on the road.

We also know operators need decision-quality information, not just more data. WatchDog delivers the information you need on an exception-basis so you can identify priority wells and issues before they become major problems. So, whether you want to know tank volumes and pressure levels or remotely manage wells with our on/off controls, we make it simple for you to optimize your time and wells.


In a time when unpredictable global oil prices can create significant challenges, maximizing production is something you can control. WatchDog gives you a low-cost way to increase runtime.


Equipment failures can limit production, put unnecessary demands on your teams in the field, and lead to major environmental and reputational issues. WatchDog helps reduces their frequency.


Environmental issues can be catastrophic to your business, the areas where you operate and your overall production. WatchDog helps you reduce the chance of environmental issues – and limits their impact if they do happen.


Focus your team’s time on fixing problems not lower-value activities. WatchDog helps your operators be significantly more effective so you can increase your ratio of wells to operators without taking on additional costs.

How we ensure your success with PRODUCTION WELL MONITORING

We provide you comprehensive guidance throughout the process. Our team is here to support your success throughout your entire journey in the WatchDog pack.


It’s simple to get started

We make installation and your initial use of WatchDog fast and easy. We provide training for on-site installation and our K9 Operator Portal. We also help you get set up on alerts and field any questions you have about our solution.


Get support when you need it

You’re not just another number in the field to us. Our all-star service team is there whenever you need them. Need technical support or have a product question? Come bark up our tree. We’ll be there to help.


You’re joining the WatchDog pack

We’ve been delivering the Virtual Wellsite Visit for over a decade and we’re just getting started. When you partner with our team, you can count on ongoing innovation and a product adoption process that helps you maximize the benefits of our solutions.

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Frequently asked questions about WELL PRODUCTION MONITORING

Why choose AFTI WatchDog versus other virtual wellsite monitoring?

WatchDog is durable, simple to install, easy to use on web or mobile – and starts delivering ROI from day one. WatchDog also integrates effectively with monitoring systems like SCADA. But unlike SCADA, no additional infrastructure, configuration, or programming is required.  WatchDogs are self-contained, self-powered, easily installed, and require zero infrastructure besides a local cell network.

What does WatchDog’s Production Well & Pipeline Monitoring solution offer for oil production?

WatchDog’s production software provides real-time answers to three crucial questions: Is your oil well leaking? Is it pumping? Is it producing? With this solution, Operations Engineers can remotely monitor their oil wells and pipelines, accessing high-quality information to improve well production.

How does WatchDog differentiate its production software from others?

WatchDog stands out by focusing on three key questions and delivering exception-based information. This approach makes it easier to identify priority wells and address issues proactively, leading to improved well production. The software features tank volume and pressure level monitoring, along with remote well management capabilities.

Is the installation process and initial use of WatchDog’s production software easy?

We designed it that way! WatchDog ensures a quick and straightforward installation process. They provide training for on-site installation and guide you through the K9 Operator Portal, ensuring a seamless start with their production software. Additionally, they offer assistance in setting up alerts and are available to address any questions you have about their solution.

How does WatchDog provide support to customers using their production software?

WatchDog’s dedicated service team is committed to providing comprehensive support whenever you need it. Whether you require technical assistance or have product-related inquiries, they are readily available to help. Their goal is to ensure you receive the support necessary to enhance your well production.

What can customers expect when partnering with WatchDog for their production needs?

By partnering with WatchDog, you become part of the innovative WatchDog pack. With over a decade of experience in delivering virtual wellsite visits, WatchDog is constantly improving their solutions. They provide a product adoption process that maximizes the benefits of their production software, helping you optimize your oil well production.

What is the role of a production well in oil extraction?

A production well is crucial for extracting oil from underground deposits. It involves drilling deep into the earth and utilizing techniques like hydraulic fracturing to bring the oil to the surface, contributing to oil production.

What is the purpose of an injection well in the oil and gas industry?

An injection well is primarily used for the safe disposal of oil and gas production waste, such as brine. It ensures the responsible management of waste by depositing it deep underground into porous rock formations, protecting freshwater reservoirs and public health.

How does an injection well function in the oil and gas industry?

Injection wells are drilled deep into the earth to store waste fluids, like brine, in porous rock formations. This process ensures the safe and secure storage of waste, keeping it isolated from freshwater sources and minimizing environmental impact.

Why are injection wells necessary for oil and gas operations?

Injection wells play a vital role in managing and disposing of production waste generated during oil and gas extraction. They provide a safe and regulated method for storing waste, helping protect water resources and mitigating environmental impact. WatchDog was designed to detect and alert operators in the oil field about sudden leaks, which helps protect the environment.

How much waste is typically disposed of in injection wells?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that over 400,000 injection wells, receiving nine billion gallons of hazardous waste annually, exist in the United States. As of 2002, there were 473 Class I injection wells of which 123 were used to dispose of hazardous waste.

Can WatchDog’s Production Well & Pipeline Monitoring solution detect leaks in real-time?

Yes, WatchDog’s solution is designed to provide real-time detection of leaks. It helps operators identify potential leaks promptly, allowing them to take immediate action and prevent further damage or environmental risks.

How does WatchDog ensure the accuracy and reliability of the monitoring data?

WatchDog prioritizes delivering decision-quality information rather than overwhelming users with raw data. The WatchDog system ensures the accuracy and reliability of monitoring data through robust data collection methods and advanced analytics, providing operators with actionable insights for effective decision-making.

Does WatchDog offer remote control capabilities for well operations?

Yes, WatchDog’s solution includes remote control capabilities, allowing operators to manage their wells away from the wellsite. Through the system’s on/off controls, operators can remotely control well operations and make adjustments as needed, saving time and resources.

What types of alerts can WatchDog provide?

WatchDog offers customizable alerts to keep operators informed about important events and conditions. These alerts can be set up based on specific parameters, such as tank volumes, pressure levels, or deviations from normal operating conditions. Operators can receive timely notifications to address potential issues promptly.

Can WatchDog’s solution integrate with existing monitoring systems or software?

Yes, WatchDog’s solution is designed to be compatible and integrable with existing monitoring systems or software used by operators. It enables seamless integration, allowing operators to leverage their current infrastructure while enhancing their monitoring capabilities with WatchDog’s features.

Is WatchDog suitable for both onshore and offshore operations?

Currently, WatchDog is suitable for onshore oil and gas operations only.

Does WatchDog play well with other systems in the field?

Yes, we have API transfer capabilities for data transfer to other SCADA, historians and production accounting software. We’ve developed the necessary connectors to make this easy and quick for operators in the field.

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Does WatchDog have a hazardous location certification for the oilfield? What level?

Yes we do have hazardous location certification and at these levels:
Camera/ Box – class one zone two
Sensors – class one zone one
WatchDog is custom designed to be installed on the wellsite – we are certified!

Can I integrate Third-Party Sensors with WatchDog?

Here at WatchDog, we know it’s costly and time-consuming to start from scratch. If you’ve already invested in state-of-the-art sensors for remote monitoring, we can work with you to integrate them into the WatchDog system. Tell us what you have in place – we’ll suggest how to extend your monitoring cost effectively.

How much is the introductory Virtual Wellsite Visit?

A basic Virtual Wellsite Visit package starts at $1K – $5K depending on application requirements and configurations in the field. We’re not here to price you out a decision; tell us what you need and we will work with you to find the best solution for your use case.


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