Solution overview

Timer well optimization helps you optimize production and resources

Producers have long understood that timer-controlled beam pumps reduce operating expenses, including electricity costs. Percentage and interval timers can improve overall beam-pump efficiency for a well with a pump capacity greater than its production capacity. It is estimated that 500,000 wells in North America operate with beam-pump artificial lifts. Most of these wells pump continuously and have a pump capacity that exceeds the well’s production capacity which uses unnecessary electricity.

WatchDog’s Timer Well Optimization solution provides minute-by-minute data you can use to optimize your pump cycle times. You can optimize both timer intervals and alert thresholds on your wells to maximize production. And you can extend the life of your equipment by avoiding the issues that come with pumping dry.

Drive efficient production

Reduce unnecessary power consumption on wells where pump capacity exceeds production capacity.

Avoid pumping dry

Avoid running out of oil and pumping dry.

Reduce mechanical wear and tear

Avoid mechanical damage to the stuffing box and other key mechanical elements.

Reduce leaks

Pumping dry can cause mechanical issues which cause leaks. Timer Well Optimization helps you prevent leaks.

How we ensure your success with oil well optimization

We provide you comprehensive guidance throughout the process. Our team is here to support your success throughout your entire journey in the WatchDog pack.


It’s simple to get started

We make installation and your initial use of WatchDog fast and easy. We provide training for on-site installation and our K9 Operator Portal. We also help you get set up on alerts and field any questions you have about our solution.


Get support when you need it

You’re not just another number in the field to us. Our all-star service team is there whenever you need them. Need technical support or have a product question? Come bark up our tree. We’ll be there to help.


You’re joining the WatchDog pack

We’ve been delivering virtual wellsite visits for over a decade and we’re just getting started. When you partner with our team, you can count on ongoing innovation and a product adoption process that helps you maximize the benefits of our solutions.

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Frequently asked questions about well optimizatiON

What is Timer Well Optimization and how does it benefit oil production?

Timer Well Optimization is a solution that optimizes the production and resources of oil and gas wells by adjusting timer intervals. It maximizes oil production, reduces power consumption, and extends the lifespan of equipment. By optimizing timer intervals, producers can improve overall efficiency for wells with pump capacity exceeding oil production capacity, resulting in increased oil output.

Why do oil wells with timers need periodic shutdowns for production?

Timer wells, which are equipped with timers, require periodic shutdowns to prevent running dry and maintain optimal oil production. Insufficient oil production in the well can cause damage to mechanical components, similar to an engine running without oil. By allowing the well to refill during off periods, potential damage and oil leaks can be avoided, ensuring smooth and continuous production.

How does WatchDog’s Timer Well Optimization solution enhance oil production?

WatchDog’s Timer Well Optimization solution provides minute-by-minute data analysis, enabling the determination of optimal pump cycle times. By utilizing this data, producers can set the most efficient timer intervals and alert thresholds, maximizing oil production while protecting equipment. This solution effectively prevents the occurrence of dry pumping, mitigating potential mechanical issues and oil leaks while enhancing production.

Can Timer Well Optimization be combined with other WatchDog solutions for oil production?

Absolutely, WatchDog offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions designed to optimize oil production. Timer Well Optimization can be used individually or in conjunction with other WatchDog solutions to meet specific objectives related to oil production, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, environmental responsibility, and safety enhancement. With WatchDog’s versatile toolkit, operators can optimize their oilfield operations and ensure the safety of their personnel.

How does WatchDog enable remote or virtual wellsite monitoring for oil production optimization?

WatchDog enhances well site monitoring by providing remote or virtual solutions. Traditional wellsite monitoring often requires time-consuming physical site visits, which pose safety risks with drive time and consume significant resources. With WatchDog, operators can remotely monitor well site operations, freeing up time to focus on optimizing production.

Does WatchDog offer monitoring for environmental considerations like methane emissions in oil production?

Yes, WatchDog is committed to supporting efficient and responsible operations, including environmental considerations in production. While methane monitoring is currently in development, WatchDog’s dedicated research and development teams are actively working on expanding sensor capabilities and applications at the well. Customer input plays a vital role in driving our development efforts to address evolving ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) needs.

Does WatchDog integrate with existing systems at the wellsite and other field systems in oil production optimization?

Yes, WatchDog seamlessly integrates with existing systems at the wellsite, including standard systems like VT SCADA to optimize production. It avoids duplicating functionality and instead complements and enhances existing systems. Additionally, WatchDog offers API transfer capabilities for seamless data transfer to other SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), historians, and production accounting software, ensuring smooth integration with various field systems.

Is WatchDog certified for hazardous locations in the oilfield?

Yes, WatchDog has hazardous location certification for oilfield production. The certification levels are as follows:
Well Camera/Box: Class one zone two
Well Sensors: Class one zone one
WatchDog’s custom-designed solutions are certified and safe for installation on the well site, ensuring compliance and reliability.

What is the WatchDog Virtual Wellsite Visit?

Virtual wellsite visits with WatchDog help field operators save time and deliver more production performance with fewer trips to the wellsite. WatchDog is the industry’s leading platform that incorporates a camera, artificial intelligence, and our patented algorithms to give operators a real-time view of wellsite activity and any issues, without the drive. It’s durable, simple to install, easy to use on web or mobile. WatchDog also integrates effectively with monitoring systems like SCADA. But unlike SCADA, no additional infrastructure, configuration, or programming is required.

When do you need a WatchDog for production optimization?

Do you manage remote wells or operate large areas, even sensitive locations near urban settings that are all hard to reach routinely? The WatchDog platform monitors wells to indicate whether they’re pumping, producing fluid, or leaking, along with reporting on pressure and tank volumes. It also features options for on/off control to optimize production. You don’t need to be at the wellsite, to stay on top of managing it.

Why choose AFTI WatchDog versus other virtual wellsite monitoring to enhance production?

WatchDog is durable, simple to install at the well, easy to use on web or mobile – and starts delivering ROI from day one. WatchDog also integrates effectively with monitoring systems like SCADA. But unlike SCADA, no additional infrastructure, configuration, or programming is required to optimize production. WatchDogs are self-contained, self-powered and require zero infrastructure besides a local cell network at the well for production optimization.

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