Solution overview

Effective leak detection protects your reputation and reduces cleanup expenses.

We know that your reputation is now tied to much more than just production levels or stock prices. There’s an enormous responsibility to be responsible stewards of the environment. In fact, it’s fair to say that limiting leaks and leak-related damage directly correlates to the social licence to operate as a producer. Leaks can do incredible damage. So, we help you avoid them.

Our Injection System & Pipeline Leak Detection solution is the industry’s simplest, most cost-effective way for producers to reduce the frequency and impact of leaks. Protect the environment, your operation, and your reputation – all with the Virtual Wellsite Visit by WatchDog.


Without WatchDog, you’d need to physically visit a wellsite to identify leaks. By then what could have been a small leak might have turned into a costly and environmentally damaging event. Now you can get up-to-date notifications on leaks, remotely.

Save time

We’re all about saving time for field operators. With our remote monitoring capabilities, you’ll always know if your wells are leaking or not – whether you’re on-site, on-the-road, or back at the office.

Protect your reputation and social licence

It’s simple. WatchDog helps you protect your company’s reputation by catching leaks early. No major leaks? No reputational damage.


Big leaks create big cleanup costs. ​​With WatchDog, you can more easily avoid the cleanup costs that come from environmentally damaging events.

How we ensure your success with pipeline leak detection

We provide you comprehensive guidance throughout the process. Our team is here to support your success throughout your entire journey in the WatchDog pack.


It’s simple to get started

We make installation and your initial use of WatchDog fast and easy. We provide training for on-site installation and our K9 Operator Portal. We also help you get set up on alerts and field any questions you have about our solution.


Get support when you need it

You’re not just another number in the field to us. Our all-star service team is there whenever you need them. Need technical support or have a product question? Come bark up our tree. We’ll be there to help.


You’re joining the WatchDog pack

We’ve been delivering virtual wellsite visits for over a decade and we’re just getting started. When you partner with our team, you can count on ongoing innovation and a product adoption process that helps you maximize the benefits of our solutions.

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Frequently asked questions about injection system leak detection

How can WatchDog’s Injection System & Pipeline Leak Detection solution benefit my business?

WatchDog’s solution helps you catch leaks early, avoiding major spills and minimizing environmental and reputational damage. Effective pipeline leak detection protects your company’s reputation and reduces cleanup expenses.

What is the difference between traditional wellsite monitoring and remote or virtual wellsite monitoring?

Traditional wellsite monitoring typically requires long days of driving and site wellsite checks. Manual site visits take up a lot of time for field operators and pumpers – it’s often 50% of their jobs – and all those miles create potential safety issues. Bad weather. Dangerous roads. We help you keep your team safer and free up their time.

What are the benefits of WatchDog?

With WatchDog you have eyes on every wellsite, all the time. Leaks and negative environmental events can be catastrophic to the reputation of its business. And that’s before you consider the costs of unplanned downtime and cleanup. WatchDog helps reduce the frequency and impact of environmental issues. WatchDog also reduces drive time to improve safety for field operators and pumpers – and frees them to focus on the site work that matters most.

Where does WatchDog serve customers? What locations?

The AFTI WatchDog team serves customers across North America and we’re always exploring new markets. Our team is based out of Calgary and Houston and we do implementation and training on site everywhere our customers operate.

Can I expect ongoing innovation from WatchDog?

With over a decade of experience in delivering Virtual Wellsite Visits, we are continuously innovating for Injection System & Pipeline Monitoring. When you partner with us, you can count on ongoing advancements and a product adoption process that maximizes the benefits of our detection solutions.

Does WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection solution ensure accurate reporting of production numbers?

Yes, WatchDog’s solution ensures accurate reporting of pipeline production numbers. By providing up-to-date and precise data on well conditions, it helps operators fulfill their internal communication needs and regulatory reporting requirements with confidence.

Can operators rely on WatchDog’s support team for technical assistance for pipeline leak detection specifically?

WatchDog’s all-star service team is readily available to provide technical support and answer any product-related questions. Operators can count on prompt and reliable assistance within 24 hours.

Does WatchDog offer solutions beyond injection system & pipeline leak detection?

Yes, WatchDog offers a comprehensive set of cost-effective solutions that can be used individually or in combination. These solutions help you meet your production and efficiency targets, cost objectives, environmental responsibilities, and ensure the safety of your operators in the oil field.

How does WatchDog’s Injection System & Pipeline Leak Detection solution help prevent pipeline leaks?

WatchDog’s Injection System & Pipeline Leak Detection solution employs advanced detection technology to identify and catch oil leaks early, minimizing the risk of pipeline leaks and associated environmental damage.

Does WatchDog integrate with other existing systems at the wellsite?

Yes, WatchDog leverages systems at the wellsite and integrates with standard systems like VT SCADA. We don’t duplicate functionality; we fill in the gaps and provide a low-cost option for additional add-ons or enhancements at the wellsite.

Can WatchDog’s leak detection solution be used for oil and gas injection wells?

Yes, WatchDog’s leak detection solution is applicable to oil and gas injection wells. Our advanced system helps monitor and detect leaks at injection wells, ensuring their integrity and preventing costly environmental and reputational damage.

How does WatchDog’s solution help ensure the integrity of injection and production wells?

WatchDog’s solution provides continuous monitoring of gas injection and production wells. By remotely detecting and alerting you to any leaks or anomalies, the WatchDog software and hardware help maintain the integrity of these wells, allowing for early intervention and preventing potential issues that could impact production and safety.

Does WatchDog’s solution offer monitoring capabilities for gas injection as a natural gas disposal method?

Yes, WatchDog’s solution provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities for gas injection as a natural gas disposal method. Our system allows real-time tracking of gas injection operations, ensuring the proper disposal of uneconomical gas production and maintaining the required pressure within the reservoir.

Can WatchDog’s leak detection solution be applied to gas injection, gas lift, and gas miscible processes for increased production?

Yes, WatchDog’s leak detection solution is versatile and can be applied to various processes, including gas injection, gas lift, and gas miscible processes. Our advanced monitoring system helps optimize these production methods, detect leaks, and enhance overall production rates, enabling you to maximize your operational efficiency and productivity.

How does WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection solution save time for field operators?

WatchDog’s remote monitoring capabilities save valuable time for field operators. Whether you’re on-site, on-the-road, or back at the office, you can receive up-to-date notifications on oil leaks, eliminating the need for physical visits to well sites. This efficient approach allows you to focus on other essential tasks for injection systems and pipeline monitoring while ensuring leak detection and prevention.

How does WatchDog’s solution ensure accurate reporting and compliance with regulations?

WatchDog ensures you have up-to-date and accurate numbers for both internal communication needs and regulatory reporting requirements for the oil field. Our leak detection solution provides reliable data on the status of your assets, helping you meet compliance standards and maintain transparent reporting practices.

Does WatchDog have a hazardous location certification for the oilfield? What level?

Yes, we do have hazardous location certification and at these levels:
Camera/ Box – class one zone two
Sensors – class one zone one
WatchDog is custom designed to be installed on the wellsite – we are certified!

Does WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection solution provide real-time alerts for immediate action?

Yes, WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection solution offers real-time alerts, allowing operators to receive instant notifications of any potential leaks. This enables prompt response and intervention to mitigate risks and prevent further damage.

How accurate is WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection system in pinpointing the location of leaks?

WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection system utilizes advanced technology and algorithms to accurately pinpoint the location of leaks within the pipeline. This precise detection capability helps operators quickly identify and address the specific areas requiring attention, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

How does WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection solution contribute to environmental protection?

WatchDog’s pipeline leak detection solution plays a vital role in environmental protection by helping operators detect and prevent leaks that could lead to harmful spills. By enabling early leak detection and rapid response, the solution minimizes the environmental impact, reduces contamination risks, and demonstrates your commitment to sustainable and responsible operations.

When do you need a WatchDog?

Do you manage remote wells or operate large areas, even sensitive locations near urban settings that are all hard to reach routinely? The WatchDog platform monitors wells to indicate whether they’re pumping, producing fluid, or leaking, along with reporting on pressure and tank volumes. It also features options for on/off control. You don’t need to be at the wellsite, to stay on top of managing it.

How does WatchDog support its team members’ growth?

We invest in enrolling every new team member to support our culture and provide autonomy to do their work. We believe in maximizing personal growth and opportunities for our employees, recognizing that they contribute to the success of our business and our clients.


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