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Why WatchDog

You’re barking up the right tree

There’s a reason they call us the well operator’s best friend. We make it simpler, safer and more efficient for operators to optimize their well’s and team’s performances. And we do it all in a cost-effective way for producers of all sizes.

Increase production

In a time when unpredictable oil prices can create challenges, WatchDog helps you increase runtime and know the status of all your assets, all the time.

Reduce equipment failures

​​Once Watchdog is installed, you don’t need to make a trip to the wellsite to know if you have an equipment problem.You’ll experience fewer runtime losses as a result.

Save operator time & increase safety

Manual site visits take up time for field operators – it’s often 50% of their jobs. We help reduce the miles your team spends on the road which frees up their time.

Reduce environmental issues

Leaks and negative environmental events can be catastrophic to the reputation of your business. We help you reduce the frequency of environmental issues.