For over a decade we’ve been building and innovating the industry’s leading – and most cost-effective – wellsite monitoring system & software: the WatchDog platform.

Get WATCHDOG: the industry’s FIRST and BEST PLATFORM FOR virtual wellsite visit solutions.

Increase production

In a time when unpredictable global oil prices can create challenges, increasing runtime is critical. Whether it’s increasing production from mature wells or drilling new ones without expanding budgets, WatchDog gives you a low-cost way to know the status of all your assets, all the time.

Reduce Equipment Failures

​​WatchDog gives you actionable information so you can avoid equipment failures. Once Watchdog is installed, you don’t need to make a trip to the wellsite to know if you have a problem. Operators get actionable information on wellsite priorities – and fewer runtime losses as a result.

Save operator time & increase safety

Bad weather. Dangerous roads. Long days of driving. Manual site visits take up a lot of time for field operators and pumpers – it’s often 50% of their jobs – and all those miles create potential safety issues. We help you keep your team safer and free up their time.

Reduce environmental issues

Leaks and negative environmental events can be catastrophic to the reputation of its business. And that’s before you consider the costs of unplanned downtime and cleanup. WatchDog helps reduce the frequency and impact of environmental issues.




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of CO2 reduced every year

A operator’s Best Friend

For over a decade, we’ve been leading the pack on the Virtual Wellsite Visit, the industry’s first and best solution that combines data collection telemetry, a camera, and software. It’s durable, simple to install, easy to use on web or mobile and starts delivering ROI from day one. WatchDog also integrates effectively with monitoring systems like SCADA. But unlike SCADA, no additional infrastructure, configuration, or programming is required.

Watchdog Hardware Platform

The WatchDog Hardware Platform is a purpose-built device designed for the wellsite.  It’s self-contained, self-powered, easily installed, and requires zero infrastructure besides a local cell network. The platform monitors wells to indicate whether they’re pumping, producing fluid, or leaking, along with reporting on pressure and tank volumes. It also features options for on/off control.

K9 Operator Portal

The K9 Operator Portal is a web-based application where you can view data sourced from the wellsite by the WatchDog Unit. Our patented algorithm ensures any production loss or leak is detected and reported quickly. We store all data in the cloud so you have on-demand access to the information you need for analysis and reporting.

K9 Mobile App

The K9 Mobile App delivers alerts and ‘at-a-glance’ status of all your wells, no matter where you’re located. For example, production engineers can access all the data they need for analysis from the office while field operators can check any or all wells while they’re on the road, at the site, or anywhere in the field.


We believe the evolution of operational effectiveness trends towards using the smallest amounts of data to make the most effective decisions. This is how we designed WatchDog – to be a simple, easy-to-use solution that can be installed in about 30 minutes and that requires no configuration. We do integrate effectively with SCADA but WatchDog gives you just the actionable information you need in order to prioritize which wells to address. It’s all signal, no noise.


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