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WatchDog®: The Solution to the Oilfield Labor Scarcity

According to Emma Graney, an energy reporter at the Global and Mail, energy employees in Canada are hesitant to return to a unstable industry. The oilfield labor scarcity threatens to keep equipment idle as oil and gas companies increase expenditure on drilling, fracking, and oilfield building to capitalize on crude oil prices that have recovered from all-time lows.

Based on industry associations and labor market analysts, workers are no longer driven by money but rather job stability within their field. Their growing reluctancy to return to oilfield service sectors is a stark reminder of how unpredictable the oil and gas market has been in the last five years with companies laying off thousands of workers to deal with fluctuating commodity prices and capital requirements. The dip in the sector’s unemployment rate has been linked to the increase in oil and gas prices, federal money for cleaning up old wells, and a decrease in the number of people interested in working within the energy sector.

The Solution: WatchDog’s Virtual Wellsite Visit

Businesses that are struggling to find enough workers or operators tend to leave the drilling rigs in a non-operational state or sitting idle. This affects operational costs and potentially results in a significant reduction in production time. Producers need to adapt and that means considering new oilfield automation solutions.

Using an IoT system like WatchDog® to remotely monitor well production requires a few workers to spend time in the field. With North America’s leading solution for the virtual wellsite visit, WatchDog® enables oil and gas producers to maximize production while lowering costs. In addition, it helps you get the most out of your people by empowering them to manage by exception.

With WatchDog®, you may increase your well count without increasing your labor or lifting costs. It gets the most out of even the mature well assets. Manual in-person wellsite inspections can result in expensive overtime and extra driving time for field staff. With the WatchDog® Virtual Wellsite Visits these inspections are cost-effective and timesaving. If you are challenged by the labor shortage, make WatchDog® your well’s best friend.

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