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The Virtual Wellsite® Visit with WatchDog® vs SCADA


When people ask us what the difference is between WatchDog® and a supervisory control and data acquisition system known as SCADA, we like to talk about music. Think about your favourite song. Would you rather hit play, sit back and enjoy thetrack or learn how to play every musical instrument to recreate the song yourself? We choose the former, which is why we’ve designed a system that makes remote wellsite monitoring just as easy.

At AFTI, we’re laser focused on giving you the answer to the one question that matters most: is your well pumping safely and making you money? Our clear, concise data lets you know what’s happening and how to proceed. How do we do it? We’re so glad you asked.

WatchDog® provides decision-quality information

We’ve built our technology using analytics and algorithms built specifically to take human variability out of the equation. The WatchDog® app and website have red, yellow and green alerts to let operators know exactly what’s going on – without even stepping foot on the wellsite. Our cameras also take photos of each well three times a day, giving operators the visual context they need to make quick decisions as they perform their Virtual Wellsite Visits.

WatchDog® installations are simple

Getting WatchDog® up and running at a wellsite is much easier than installing SCADA because you can set the WatchDog® system up yourself in about 30 minutes. We’ll walk you through it, of course, and we have an actual human who will call afterwards to make sure everything is working well. And did we mention our technology requires no configuration? That’s because WatchDog® is designed specifically to let you know if your well is pumping, if it’s producing fluid and if it has a leak.

Okay, there is one thing we’ll ask you to do: log into the app. That’s about as hard as it gets when you use WatchDog® for your Virtual Wellsite Visits. Because, as we mentioned, we’d rather you enjoy the song than learn how to play all the instruments.

Email us today at to learn more about the WatchDog®, our smart, simple, low-cost alternative to SCADA. 

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