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Still Driving? Save Time And Money With A Virtual Well Site Visit

How to Balance Priorities as an Oil Well Operator or Pumper With The Virtual Well Site Visit.

Have you heard of a VIRTUAL WELL SITE VISIT? We know as an oil and gas field operator or pumper, you know that keeping all wells producing at peak capacity is Job #1. Maintenance downtime and lost production can have financial, environmental, and reputation impact. Your responsibilities require that you answer 3 questions in the most efficient way possible.

Virtual Well Site Visit


1. Is the well pumping?

2. Is the well producing fluid?

3. Is there a leak?

4. Will you have to visit all the wells to confirm 1, 2 or 3?

Any leak or equipment failure that’s detected will likely impact your ability to visit all the wells on your route before day’s end. What happens if a major issue at one well site means you miss another problem at a site you didn’t get to? Short of cloning yourself, you can’t be two places at once! What if you had the ability to do a virtual well site visit on demand?

Whether you call it the digital oilfield or IoT, or production monitoring, new technologies help monitor the entire field when you can’t. Remote monitoring helps cut down on manual, in-person checks because technologies like WatchDog can monitor well-sites remotely and automatically, delivering alerts when an event has occurred, or is developing. This means fewer routine visits to every well, less costly drive time, and more time to devote to the priorities 1 and 2. As an experienced operator, or new addition to the discipline, you’ll have the time to focus on the most significant problems and apply your talent or learn new skills.

Why drive faster or skip lunch to inspect every well in person for only a few minutes? What if something occurs just as you’re driving away? How will you know?

At AFTI, we’ve created a new approach, the Virtual Well Site Visit. It all but eliminates the need for periodic human inspection and allows all field workers to be managed more efficiently and operate or attend a well on an exception basis. The Virtual Well Site Visit decreases the amount of time you’ll spend driving (the most dangerous activity), increasing your health and safety and the safety of the field operations, while reducing equipment failure costs as they are identified earlier.

Our K9 cloud Operator portal provides well site monitoring at your fingertips (yes, on your phone!) WatchDog starts with the idea that drive time isn’t the key metric to be optimized, it’s production. Our low cost, easy to use solution provides insight for operators to determine which wells to visit and applies this intelligence to maximize production. As the market adjusts to new pricing levels, companies are seeking peak production at the right cost. This means operators and pumpers must keep production running, while simultaneously reducing expenses by not driving when it’s not necessary.

WatchDog is powering Virtual Well Site Visits on more than 10,000 wells today. We’ve become a trusted operational partner, and an operator’s best friend in the field.

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