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Petrolegacy Expands use of WatchDog Driven by KPI Enhancement

PetroLegacy Energy is a privately held exploration and production company based in Austin Texas formed in 2016. The business model to acquire and optimize existing assets, requires that operational expertise, cost management and maximum production are achieved to be successful. With 250 wells and growing, the opportunity to deploy the WatchDog platform for the Virtual Wellsite Visit (VWV) was well received.  Arthur Aranda, Operations Superintendent commented;

“With WatchDog we saw a way to get more wells monitored more often while focusing our field team on preventative maintenance and optimization. As we grow, we can expand the number of wells quickly, while maintaining our commitment to operational safety. In December 2020, PetroLegacy installed a pilot project with AFTI WatchDog based on 69 units, to monitor production wells and tank facilities and track key metrics and KPI’s such as man hours, spill prevention, and equipment failures.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with PetroLegacy Energy. Our experience is that when Producers adopt the Virtual Wellsite early in their growth cycle, they deliver more value for shareholders and protect against unplanned environmental incidents”, said Steve Robb, CEO at AFTI. 

During the pilot project, WatchDog caught almost 30 potential environmental events and leaks which may have resulted in almost $70,000 in remediation alone. Furthermore, the WatchDog temperature analysis further confirmed known events in the field. How did PetroLegacy use this information? “It was the best of both worlds. Both the POC system and the WatchDog platform supporting one another to show that the POC is running effectively, without potential environmental and cost incidents developing Said – Arthur Aranda, Operations Superintendent. Overall, WatchDog saved operators over 2,300 hours annually and reduced in person wellsite visits to one every seven days.

With the data from Petrolegacy’s assets in hand, the WatchDog team presented the results of the pilot and how those key KPIs were met. As a result, the PetroLegacy team was ready to expand further with the Virtual Wellsite Visit (VWV). 

“Now that we know how to analyze the key metrics from the system, we are excited to start utilizing WatchDog across our assets in the field. We are confident in the automation capabilities and our operators love the simplified workflow.” Commented Arthur Aranda. 

PetroLegacy Energy is a privately held exploration and production company based in Austin, Texas. PetroLegacy Energy II, LLC was formed in September 2016 with an equity commitment from EnCap Investments, L.P. The Company is actively pursuing the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties in the Permian Basin. PetroLegacy currently operates in the Midland Basin where it holds a substantial acreage position primarily in Martin County. PetroLegacy Energy’s leadership includes partners Jason Churchill, J.D. Braddock, Aaron Gutierrez and Kris Simpson. For more information and bios, please see the Leadership page.

Founded in 2010, AFTI is based in Calgary, Alberta.   AFTI Inc. is the market leading provider of WatchDog®, North America’s most proven and innovative solution for the Virtual Wellsite Visit and pipeline leak detection. With over 15,000 WatchDog’s installed, the Virtual Wellsite Visit supports oil and gas producers to maximize production and lower lifting costs. It provides all the information required to reduce the requirement to perform a routine wellsite visit with a proven, simple, and low-cost solution.  AFTI perfected the Virtual Wellsite Visit in the highly variable Canadian climate, with over 13,000 WatchDog’s installed. In 2020 we expanded into the US market. Watchdog now supports operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming and California and projects a similar market adoption in the USA.

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