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Advanced Flow Technologies Inc. Signs Large Volume Agreement with Oil & Gas Industry Leader – Vermilion Energy

AFTI Inc. is pleased to announce that Vermilion Energy has committed to a volume purchase agreement of WatchDog to further support their priorities of health and safety, the environment, and profitability.

The WatchDog platform is the industry standard for low-cost monitoring of oil wells, tanks, and pipelines. At AFTI our mission is to deliver a solution that supports oil and gas producers by maximizing production while lowering lifting costs. WatchDog delivers simple, easy-to-understand, actionable alerts to operators, which are focused on decisions vs data analysis. Our goal is to eliminate the routine wellsite visit and replace it with the Virtual Wellsite Visit (VWV), powered by WatchDog.

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Vermilion Energy is an international energy producer that creates value through acquisition, exploration, and development. With producing assets in North America, Europe, and Australia, Vermilion emphasizes free cash flow generation and returning capital to investors. Their focus is the development of light oil and liquids-rich natural gas.

What really sets Vermilion Energy apart from its competitors is their commitment to prioritizing health and safety, the environment, and profitability – specifically in that order.

“Watchdog has been an effective new tool in our operation that has allowed us to reduce spills, improve production and reduce OPEX.” said, Dustin Thomson, Director, Field Operations

After successful pilots and launching WatchDogs in various focus areas, Vermilion Energy has selected WatchDog as their field monitoring platform to support ESG and field automation. Vermilion is passionate about their sustainability and climate-related strategies, so naturally, WatchDog is a great fit, as the removal of unnecessary truck trips to well sites offered immediate environmental and safety benefits.

Initially, Vermillion focused on integrating people and systems with WatchDog. Within a few months, Vermilion saw an increase in runtime, reduced downtime due to pump failures, and raised critical alerts so operators identified leaks before they became environmental incidents.

“To date, Vermilion has over 600 WatchDogs in the field and with our new large volume agreement, we’ll see those numbers jump to well over 1,000.” said Caleb Pierce, VP of Revenue Operations at WatchDog

“Vermilion Energy has continued to monitor and invest in the WatchDog platform, providing valuable feedback. We now have over 14,000 WatchDog’s in North America, and their contribution benefits all users. The collective knowledge within the platform is continuously expanding.”  said Steve Robb, CEO of AFTI WatchDog.

As WatchDog continues to innovate, customers like Vermilion Energy with operations in multiple areas will be at the forefront, providing essential feedback and helping us expand into areas like the United States.

Vermilion is an international energy producer that seeks to create value through the acquisition, exploration, development, and optimization of producing assets in North America, Europe, and Australia. Our business model emphasizes free cash flow generation and returning capital to investors when economically warranted, augmented by value-adding acquisitions. Vermilion’s operations are focused on the exploitation of light oil and liquids-rich natural gas conventional resource plays in North America and the exploration and development of conventional natural gas and oil opportunities in Europe and Australia.

AFTI Inc. is the market-leading provider of WatchDog®, North America’s most proven and innovative solution for the Virtual Wellsite Visit and pipeline leak detection. WatchDog’s Virtual Wellsite Visit supports oil and gas producers to maximize production and lower lifting costs. It provides all the information required to reduce the requirement to perform a routine wellsite visit with a proven, simple, and low-cost solution. Founded in 2010, AFTI is based in Calgary, Alberta.

Check out the article on EIN Presswire, here.

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