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Producers in the Oil and Gas industry today face fluctuating market conditions. WatchDog®, which was created specifically for the oilfield environment, has become the industry standard for allowing oil and gas producers to increase production while minimizing lifting costs. AFTI’s Virtual Wellsite Visit has been demonstrated to be effective, simple, and cost-effective. It gives the status of your wells 24 hours a day, seven days a week. WatchDog® is on a mission to alter the way wellsite monitoring is done in the industry. It aids in the growth of your business and the consistent productivity of your sites while managing costs. The simple solution is to make on-site, routine well inspections a thing of the past.

It’s not often, we come across a company that believes in the same principle as we do: to be great, you don’t need to have complicated solutions. Galatea Technologies reinforces what we do, which is replacing on-site visits with virtual ones. It is encouraging to see them pursuing a similar goal and prioritizing comparable problem areas.  

The transportation and management of oilfield fluids are some of the highest operating costs in the oil and gas industry. Galatea has developed the industry’s greatest technology platform for digitalizing, optimizing, and automating transportation workflows. Their platform Waste Coordinator, is the first system in the oilfield industry that automates the whole waste management process saving operators valuable time. The platform was designed to be accessed from any device without the installation of software to make it incredibly easy for operations to use. The proprietary platform uses intelligence and optimization algorithms to provides operators with accurate real-time information about the most cost-efficient facility for each load. It can also give operators the ability to select the waste disposal option with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, which is another thing that no one else can say that they do. 

Oil and gas companies have been implementing ESG policies for years, including decreased emissions, responsible water use and disposal, and renewable energy research and innovation. Galatea Tech has further enhanced the ESG narrative by decreasing the number of loads and adding alternative disposal options like Enhance Oil Recovery schemes to increase recycling and minimize freshwater demand. As a result, Waste Coordinator helps operators gain valuable time, helps companies’ lower costs while also increasing environmental performance.  

Today’s producers are investing in innovative technologies that are environmentally conscious as negative environmental impacts can be costly and tarnish a company’s brand. We are witnessing tremendous development in the sector and Operators are currently changing these behaviors. AFTI began this development based on new ideas that operators in Oil and Gas are currently adopting. We are in excellent company with businesses like Galatea Technologies, which are working to optimize the virtual wellsite visit while minimizing risk.

If you’d like to learn more about how AFTI and Galatea are working together to increase the ROI on connected wellsites visit our website, or

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